Fat or inflamed?

I’ve come to the realization, after a lot of experimentation that a lot of people are suffering from inflammation rather than fat.

When I go to the supermarket and look at the labels to see what’s in the food I’m buying it convinces me even more. I see a lot of people haphazardly picking up things from the shelves without ever reading what they are about to put in their mouths. I can honestly say that if you read the labels, you will find one brand of the product with less preservatives and artificial sweeteners in it than the rest, and if you are lucky you may even find one with only real food in it!! Obviously shopping takes longer, but hey, its really worth your effort.

The biggest piece of advice I have is to eat REAL food. Not fat reduced, artificially sweetened or flavored processed food.

Here’s an example! Why buy hummus with antioxidant 306, potassium lactate and sodium acetate when you can buy a bag of natural dried chick peas and make your own? You have to wash them and then soak them for 24 hours. After that simmer them until they are just cooked, let them cool and then blend them with sesame oil, garlic, lemon juice and salt. I promise you that you won’t want store bought again! If you want an even healthier version, sprout them and then make the hummus with them raw.

Cleaning up your diet rather than counting calories or dieting is the way forward. Let’s start with whole foods. Imagine if there were no supermarkets and we just bought food on the street in bulk. What would you eat for breakfast? There wouldn’t be any packet cereals full of additives and sugar. You might make your own version of cereal with nuts, seeds, fresh or dried fruit and honey. What would you pour on it? Personally I think we should move away from drinking the milk of other animals. I also think that there are far too many antibiotics used in the dairy industry to make it a healthy food group. Lack of diversity in the gut flora has been implicated in IBS, and Crohn’s and the higher incidences of these disorders would make sense if we are being fed low doses of antibiotics with every mouthful of dairy and meat, with repeat small doses killing off the good bacteria. The best way to ensure you have less antibiotics in your system is to buy organic milk and free range, additive free meat, if you can afford it and source it. Eating less of a better quality food is better than eating lots of a low quality unhealthy one. Children who don’t drink dairy milk have recently been found to be vitamin D deficient, so if you are removing milk from their diet make sure you get a good D3 supplement.

The same goes for lunch. It’s easy to throw together an amazing salad, with salad leaves,cucumber, avocado and some raw nuts lightly browned in sesame oil, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, a few dates or figs and a sliced up apple or pear. Squeeze on a lemon and some pepper and yum! Roast some veggies in an oven tray for half an hour with olive oil and salt then blitz them up in the blender with some home made chicken stock or an additive free veggie stock cube with water. It’s all about changing the way we eat. If we eat whole foods with plenty of nutrients in them we feel satisfied and our body stays well.

Try my smoothie recipe and if you think you are inflamed, add a teaspoon of turmeric every day. It’s been hailed as one of the best foods for reducing inflammation and its certainly worked for me. Have a look at this paper I found on a Google search:


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