Sweet Potato Toast

There’s a rumour going around that you can make toast using sweet potato. To be honest it made my mouth water just thinking about it, but I was at a Saturday morning rugby match, so I just sent the link to my Mum and forgot about it. 

That evening she told me that she had tried it but it wasn’t nice as the sweet potato hadn’t cooked properly. I started thinking about how to get raw potato to cook in a toaster.

Bingo! This job requires a mandolin slicer to get the slices of sweet potato thin enough to cook. 

They need to be this thin!! 

Well, I think I’ve found a new love today, because after toasting these in my toaster  and tasting them, smothered in home made hummus I was very excited to share my joy!! 


I set my toaster to maximum time, then put them down again once they had popped up,watching them until they looked done. 

You may have to tip your toaster upside down to get them out, so empty it of crumbs first!

I set my mandolin slicer to 2.

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