DIY Amchoor 

I’m always working on a food project at home and I find I’m constantly looking for an ingredient that is not easy to find. It’s a weekly problem of mine as I do a lot of research into ingredients and want to try them out. We have great some great Indian grocers in New Zealand, but I don’t have any nearby, so I decided to take action this week and make my own amchoor powder. 

Amchoor is made from powdered green mango. It’s used to add a fruity flavour to many Indian dishes. What’s great is that it also can be used in smoothies and desserts to add the goodness and flavour of mango even when it’s not in season. 

I bought some green mangos and peeled them with a potato peeler. I was surprised at how easy this was. 

I used the same peeler to make thin strips of mango.

I’m lucky enough to have a dehydrator at home because I trained as a raw chef, but an oven works just as well as a dehydrator  if you set the temperature to the lowest possible setting. In India, these strips are dried in the sun, which I can only think adds to the flavour, but it’s winter here. 

I got a good amount of mango strips from those 4 mangos! 

I set my dehydrator to 108F and left it to dry out for 2 days. In the oven this would probably take less time. I checked the strips every 8 hours to see how flexible they were. 

Once they were brittle, and crumbled in my hand, I used a dry Vitamix jug to get the strips to powdered form, but a coffee grinder would be just as good. 

Here is the resulting beautiful mango powder..

115g from 4 mangos isn’t a bad yield. 

What I really want to say about this is that the satisfaction I gained by making something like this at home is immense. With busy lives we have moved away from making our own food and chosen to let it be manufactured, packaged flown around the world and sold to us at a premium. 

Get into the kitchen people! Have fun with it. I feel so excited when I see that powder that I made myself it’s ridiculous! It smells incredible. It hasn’t travelled.  It couldn’t be fresher! I will use it with respect because I know it took me 2 days and a lot of love to make. 

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