Lemon Peel Smoothie

Most people don’t realise that lemon peel has 134mg of calcium and 129mg vitamin C in every 100g. The benefits of vitamin C are well known and include detoxification of the skin and the neutralisation of free radicals in the body. It’s also great for oral health. 

The pectin in lemon peel is a weight loss promoter by forming a gel which prevents the body from absorbing high amounts of sugar. It’s also full of fibre.

When lemon season comes around I make sure I get some organic ones, clean the skins really well, and then grate the peel to freeze for smoothies and soups.


3 cups hazelnut milk

1 cup coconut milk

1 banana

1/4 of a fresh pineapple 

3 tbsp frozen lemon peel

2 tsp spirulina

1 tbsp flax seeds


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